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The Thiyagarajaswamy temple in Thiruvottiyur stands majestically in this industrial area, busy with activity and commerce. Devotees from six sects of religion perform puja here. Saivites, Vaishnavites, Saaktar, Uchavar, Adi Saivites and Namboodris visit and worship the manifestations of Shiva and Shakthi at this temple.

The Name of the Town: Therein lies a story!

The etymology of the word ‘Thiruvottiyur’ is interesting. The word originates from the Tamil infinitive ‘orutral’ which means ‘to exempt’. Two stories center around the origin of this name and how Thiruvottiyur had been exempted and so is special.

Stalapurana holds that during Padmagarba (the measure to calculate the passing of an Age or yuga), there ensued a great deluge that threatened to submerge the whole world. Lord Brahma, the God of Creation undertook an austere penance to appease Shiva. He wanted the power to create the world once again.