Arulmigu Thiyagarajaswamy Temple - History


A rare example of South India Temple Architecture :

The Thiagarajaswamy temple is a masterpiece of South Indian temple Architecture. The awe-inspiring Raja gopura, the Gajapurhta Vimana, the Vasanta Mandapa, the Thiagarajan shrine, the Ornate doorways and the Nandipeeta vidana are some of the rare masterpieces of fine art.

Stone inscription from variegated sources proliferate the temple, bearing testimony to the eloquence of the royal patronage extended to this temple.

Gods, goddesses, devas, sages, kings, poets and devotees have worshipped Shiva in his various forms at this temple. The Stalapurana at Thiruvottiyur and the Thiagarajaswamy temple in particular, colleted from various sources like stone inscriptions, references from poems like the Thevaram and Periapuranam and stories which have been sustained and circulated through an aural-oral tradition inspire awe and fear in the listener.