Arulmigu Thiyagarajaswamy Temple - Towers

Devotees restore the temple :

Temples are huge establishments, not only in terms of their structure, but also in terms of the restoration work and maintenance that has to be done form time to time. Kings and devotees down the ages have worked hard for the Thiagarajaswamy temple at Thiruvottiyur.

Tondaiman’s restores the temple :

King Tondaiman ruled from Kanchipuram. He established his authority over all the other small kingdoms around Kanchi. But two Kings Vannan and Onnan refused to subjugate to this authority. Tondaiman led a battle against these kings, but lost because a demon that defended them ate up King Tondaiman’s army. Totally disarmed, he went to Sage Vromasa for guidance. He gave him a dharbai a blade of grass to fight the demon. Tondaiman wondered as to how a delicate blade of grass was going to defend him. But left for the battle without a word. When the demon emerged, he flung the dharbai at him. The blade of grass became the mazhu – the weapon of Shiva and chased the demon. The demon, recognizing the weapon, as Shiva’s own, knew that he would be destroyed. Angered he ate up the kings Vannan and Onnan and ran for his life, never to come back again.

Tondaiman became a great devotee of Shiva. He restored the Thiagarajaswamy temple in 750 A.D He worked on the restoration of the temple and constructed the shrines of Vadivudai Amman, Gunalaya vinayagar, Vattapparai Amman, Valarkali Amman, Arul Jothi Murugan, Akasalingam, Sahasralingam and the 27 Natchktras. He also constructed the gopuras and the temple walls. Besides this, he also procured 500 shivalingas and 500 austere Brahmins from Kasi and reinstated the temple according the agama texts. Moreover, he conducted the Tirukkadalattu, a water festival on Masi Magam. He gave away several lands and towns to the temple.

Thiruvottiyuran Adimai restores the temple :

Thiruvottiyuran Adimai was an ardent Devotee of Sri Thiagarajaswamy and Vadivudai Amman. He undertook the restoration of the temple and organized the kuta muzhukku of the temple in 1936. For 12 years, he visited the temple from his home in Choolaimedu without fail (even on the day of his son’s demise). Such was his devotion. He worked fervently and diligently for 14 years and completed the restoration work of the temple. He has also built a school and a hospital in honour of the reigning deity of Thiruvottiyur.

More recently, the Kumbhabishekam of the temple was conducted on July 6th 1998 with the participation of thousands of devotees.